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jason lim

CHILLIDXDDY is a live artist based in Singapore who collages action, image, sound and material through body-based performance, pain and endurance; their work is often politically charged, angry and messy. CHILLIDXDDY's work has been presented internationally, notably at Haus der Kunst (DE), Manchester Art Gallery (UK) and Point Centre for Contemporary Art (CY). Most recently, their work was featured in the British Art Studies journal published by the Paul Mellon Centre.

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justin lim

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Justin Lim (b.1990, Singapore) is a visual artist. His interest lies in the notion of displacement and transition between spaces and territories that separate ideas of origins. 


Lim has participated in exhibitions namely in Singapore, Kyoto, Washington D.C and Wuhan. Solo exhibitions includes “Beyond Bittersweet” and “The Drift Project II” Singapore. He was also a recipient of the inaugural IMPART Award and the Winston Oh Travelogue (research). 

kimberly teo

Kimberly Teo is a visual artist who graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts. She has taken part in various group exhibition over the years.  Her artworks revolve around the issue of ideals and navigation through life. 

Jason’s artistic projects, residencies and travels have been recognized, supported and awarded with numerous grants and awards from the National Arts Council since 1994.

kester wong

Kester Wong (#e2a7bdp10).png

Wong Yik, Kester is an interdisciplinary sculptor and teacher. His works are largely inspired by the materials he uses, their physical qualities and intangible, symbolic meaning. Enjoying the meticulous construction of abstract forms that reflect his emotional states, he draws on personal experiences that he attempts to translate into physical forms through his work. Kester also enjoys the ambiguity that exists in abstraction, in its potential to generate a variety of narratives, a multiplicity of meanings once 

it is submitted into the world of its observers. Throughout his practice, Kester seeks to find a balance between working intuitively and taking care of maintaining a high level of craftsmanship. In addition to the Visual Arts, Kester is also a highly skilled guzheng player, having won awards at multiple competitions. He also teaches students interested in learning the instrument, and has taught courses and workshops in the arts to a multitude of students, from different ages and ethnicities. 

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Regarded as Singapore’s next master ceramist, Jason Lim’s artistic growth over the past decade has been remarkable. Also a performance artist, Jason combines skilled craftsmanship in sculpting with influences from performance art. The result is ceramic pieces that go beyond being merely objects of beauty, to subjects that provoke thought and interaction with the viewer.


Jason’s first show was in Canterbury, England in 1992. He has since exhibited across the globe in Australia, Germany, India, Japan, Poland, Singapore, The Phillipnes, Thailand and the Netherlands. Jason Lim was also part of the Singapore Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2007. 

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deyan mihov

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Mihov, born in 1986 in Bulgaria, began his art in 2015 as an exercise in mindfulness and creativity, which has progressed since on a self-taught path. His art is often inspired by semiotics and is designed to challenge the thinking of the observer with the unravelling of a story in each of his works.

Mihov often utilises oils in combination with precious metals to generate the illusion of minute, constantly occurring colour changes, dependent on the intensity of light and the observers’ viewing point. This is part of Mihov’s aim to question the conditions of appearance and perception.

Works have been featured in Forbes Magazine among other US and UK media outlets. During October 2016 and February 2017, two paintings were made as billboards and exhibited on the London Tube and LA’s Grand Union Station respectively. Art pieces have found homes with collectors from the UK, Europe and South East Asia.

Notable exhibitions Deyan has taken part in art, The Flux Exhibition, July 12-16th 2017, Chelsea College of Arts, London.

huey ling teo

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Teo Huey Ling’s works is tremendously technique driven and involved intricate and laborious art processes into drawings, contemporary sculptures and art installations.  


Graduated with high distinction in both ceramics and drawings from the National Art School, Australia, 2006. She has taught part time in Nafa Diploma, Nafa Junior Arts, and an adjunct lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic Design school.  


She was the selected artist for the open call in Taman Jurong Community Sculpture, Safra Toa Payoh and Safra Punggol in year 2018. 


Equipped with experience in public art installations, outdoor community art and sculpture installations, she believes that people are all stories tellers, they narrate stories from experience and give these stories meanings. She likes to work with the communities and see them react towards art. She seeks to find a connectedness with the role as an artist in our communities, to inspire through aesthetic driven dynamics in forms and materials. 


Her personal works strives on the notions of ambiguities that shift the forms of the biomorphic shapes with repetition, overlapping and juxtaposition. A deliberate attempt with portray an amorphous state of being through visual storytelling. 


The artist hopes that art gives the power to engage the community and established true belongingness and consciousness to ourselves and the environment.  

jose martinez

Jose Martinez (It rains in my Orchard II

Born in Britain, José Martinez is a favourite at Singapore Contemporary Art Show and Affordable Art Fair Singapore. He invites his audience to experience the explosive energy of the world’s famed mega-cities including New York, London and Tokyo and of course, Asia. Well known for his exuberant, fearless approach and powerful art creations of cityscapes, landmarks, and architecture, his art is as timeless as it is contemporary. Impressionist realism, abstract, deconstruction or unique one-of-a kind commission, Jose’s art is bold, vibrant and intelligent. José Martinez was born in 1967 and currently divides his time between England and Singapore.

yen chua

Yen Chua is an artist, art therapist and educator from Singapore. Yen has a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute (1993), Diploma in Chinese Painting from the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts (1996), MA (Research) from the National Institute of Education (2002), and MA in Art Therapy from the LASALLE College of the Arts (2007).


For the past two decades, Yen has held many solo and group exhibitions. She works predominantly with acrylic, charcoal and ink. Her mixed media artworks are a vivid portrayal of the surreal, mythical and magical realm. They are echoes of different mental states, dreams and aspirations, displaying her diverse concerns ranging from the need to save our delicate ecosystem to aspirations of perfection and enlightenment.


Yen conducts art and art therapy workshops and also letureres on art and art therapy. Some of the institutions she has taught at are the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Temasek Polytechnic and LASALLE College of the Arts. She has worked with individuals and groups with social-emotional issues, inmates, children with special needs, cancer patients, teenagers and behavioural problems and elderly clients.

ngoh shian bang

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A photographer works closely with clients to capture photos of people, places and things through the use of creativity and technical abilities in photographic equipment and photo manipulation software. To ensure that desired results are obtained, photographers have to communicate effectively with clients regarding expectations to meet standards and deadlines of projects. Other duties include recommending creative ideas and solutions to achieve desired results and maintaining a professional image. 

Shian Bang is a portrait photographer based in Singapore. He specializes more in fine art, cinematic and narrative portraits, having been largely influenced by the films he’s watched and grew up with. He started out as a photographer in the SAF, during his National Service, before embarking to be a travel photographer in Thailand, traveling around the region, covering various subjects in the country.

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gary ng

Gary Ng_ 4 Darkness - Part 1_3 20WX25Hcm

Ng is a motivated and well-regarded Art Director with a career spanning across Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam and nearly 20 years plus of production and post-production experiences. 

Ng has a healthy appetite for all things cool and a strong commitment to quality and good design. In addition to being a creative and reliable team player with a flair for conceptual design and illustration, Ng is also an effective storyteller with a feel for the moving picture, setting the mood and pace to suit, be it dramatic, fun or just plain old bonkers like he is!

In this new phase of my artistry, passion and vision has brought him to revisit my love for art. Ng enjoys free-flowing and vivid abstracts inspired by moments taken from everyday living melded with fantastical imagery.

joyce loo

Joyce Loo’s inclination with clay was form 1998 and began her creative career since 2008 where she gave up her lucrative job to pursuit her passion in arts. Her artworks displayed her strong affinity to nature and earth, where she creates clay sculptural forms inspired from flora and fauna. A self-taught artist of great ingenuity, her works are a visual harmony on colours, textures and a composition of her sensibilities towards nature.

 Joyce was represented in several local and international exhibitions such as 2005 in Japan,  2008 in Cannakkale University Fine Arts of Turkey, 2014 in The Art student league of New York , 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan , 2016 in Chang Chun, China and 2018 in New Delhi, India.

She active in Singapore Sculpture Society committee and also took part many of their local and International Sculpture workshops and Exhibitions. Her 1st solo exhibition “My Eden” was held at the Fort Canning Park in 2010 and 2nd solo exhibition “Embrace” at Viridian Art House.

She works in her studio cum gallery at the Wessex estate. Her works were bought and collected by museums in Singapore and China as well as Government agencies, corporate and private collectors as collection, VIP awards or gifts.

irene tee

Irene Tee (Floral Grotesque Triptych III

Irene has always been obsessed with creating visually appealing artworks with rich details that appear unassuming at first glance, but hides uncanny, dark secrets. She enjoys using subject matter that would otherwise be considered disgusting or unbeautiful, and juxtaposing this with traditional mediums in order to engage and invite viewers to contemplate further. Her desire to create visually spectacular works that can draw the eye and sustain interest inform her multifaceted creative approach. Her artworks are an amalgamation of her background in fine arts and her interest in fashion, makeup, pop culture and design.

Joyce Loo (Embrace II).jpg

junie tang

Junie Tang.JPG

Junie Tang (b.1978) first attained her bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, in collaboration with the University of Western Sydney, in 2001. After eight years of practice as a graphic designer in publishing houses and creative design agencies, in 2010, she started teaching the diploma and degree in Visual Communication programmes at First Media Design School. In 2015, after graduating with a Master in Arts and Cultural Management from LASALLE College of the Arts, in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London, she began making art through the medium of photography and printmaking.

 As a graphic designer cum educator who has crossed over to the realm of art, Junie’s area of interests revolves around the idea of synthesising art and design, as well as investigating the role of a graphic designer in the society. Currently a PhD candidate at the Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media, her research focuses on expanding the role of a graphic designer as a curator, which involves transforming him/her from a problem-solver into a problematiser.

 Since 2016, Junie has exhibited her works in several group shows, namely, “Double Vision Art Exhibition” at Objectifs (2016), “Dot to Dot” group exhibition at NAFA’s Centre of Lifelong Education (2018), “Interruption, Scenes from Crossroads of Arts and Research” at Selegie Arts Center (2018) and “Defamiliarization” at Supernormal (2019).

terrence lim

Terence (Textura).jpg

Based in Singapore Terence Lim (Lunastry) is a multidisciplinary creative, who’s skillset revolves around Illustration, Photography, art direction, graphic design and marketing. After graduating from Lasalle college of the Arts, This Coffee loving, Violin playing and paint splattering creative has worked in agencies on multiple projects involving many brands. He has also participated in various group shows, and dreams to one day have his own solo exhibition as well as to have his work at MoMa.


Terence is currently pursuing a degree in psychology at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. He is interested in venturing into UI/UX and merging design and healthcare. It is Terence’s versatile capabilities and dedication that has allowed him to effectively contribute and provide valuable support to his clients.